Quant Technology LLC is a research-driven investment and technology development firm.

The company is divided into three departments:

  • Quantitative Trading Technologies

Quant Technology was founded on the basis that the global financial markets are not efficient and that an empirical scientific approach to algorithmic trading can provide a long term edge. This disciplined, data-driven approach to investment management facilitates intelligent trading decisions that seek to generate real alpha while effectively managing risk.

We use cutting-edge information technology and rigorous numerical models to develop automated quantitative trading strategies for investment funds, insurance companies, brokerage houses.

We use rigorous scientific approach for developing investment ideas: to innovate the way we invest, we strongly belief that a scientific, research driven approach is required. Therefore we the firm is strongly connected to the academic world.

  • Quantum Computing

We have been developing fundamental theory in quantum physics, especially in quantum information. In mid of 2015, using our proprietary methods, we proved experimentally the existence of a non-integer, as well as, larger quanta of action (LQA) and therefore we have proven the Action-Information Theory.

Therefore, we are close to solve one of the most challenging problem in quantum computing by using our proprietary method of generating lager quanta of action (LQA), which enable us to manipulate photon wavelength, while the energy conservation law is hold. Moreover, we have the theoretical solution to create a photonic NAND gate.

We are currently in search of VC/PE funding to carry out advanced research. Please find the investment teaser : Presentation image

  • Econophysics

We offer a technical consulting in the field of Econophysics. We develop proprietary software for noise reduction, noise estimation and Value-at-Risk estimation in C language.

We hire most talented people who emanate from academia and hold Ph.D in finance, physics, mathematics or computer science. We stimulate our investment professionals to be part-time faculty members as well.

The goal of the company is to be recognized as center of excellence for scientific interdisciplinary research.

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