Executive Committee

linkedinKrzysztof Urbanowicz, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quant Technology
Krzysztof co-founded Quant Technology in November 2013. He is head of the Quantitative Strategies group at Quant Technology. He is responsible for quantitative models for options trading.

Krzysztof is regarded as one of the pioneers of using a systematic, scientific approach to option trading. He has published in the Physica A, Physical Review E, Practical Fruits of Econophysics and other academic journals. He is an author of the book: „Informationism: from Philosophy to Quantitative Trading”. He is the author of a number of academic research papers on the topic of options pricing, noise estimation and reduction. Krzysztof holds a PhD and MSc (cum laude) in Physics from Warsaw University of Technology.

Outside of work, his philanthropic interests have focused on encouraging science both at the cutting edge of research and in philosphy, resulting in developing theoretical framework for Informationizm. For more information regarding his personal interests vist website:

linkedinPiotr Arendarski, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Vice-Chief Executive Officer of Quant Technology
Piotr co-founded Quant Technology in November 2013, he is co-head of the Quantitative Strategies group at Quant Technology. He is responsible for quantitative equity research.

He is Associate Professor of Finance at Poznan University of Economics and lecturer in Quantitative Finance programme at the University of Warsaw. Piotr holds a Ph.D in Finance from the Poznan University of Economics. He is candidate for the June 2015 CFA® Exam Level III.

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