Quantum Computing

We have been developing fundamental theory in quantum physics, especially in quantum information. In mid of 2015, using our proprietary methods, we proved experimentally the existence of a non-integer, as well as, larger quanta of action (LQA) and therefore we have proven the Action-Information Theory.

The fundamental challenge in this field is maintaining coherence of qubits (quantum bits) for a sufficiently long time. It is needed a quantum information processing with new particles and physical systems.

We solve this problem by using our proprietary method of generating lager quanta of action (LQA), which enable us to manipulate photon wavelength, while the energy conservation law is hold. Moreover, we have the theoretical solution to create a photonic NAND gate.

We are currently in search of VC/PE funding to carry out advanced research.

The goal of the project : create a photonic quantum logic gates, a crucial, missing element of Photonic Quantum Computer

More information: piotr.arendarski[.x.]

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