Systems administrator

Position Description
The Systems Administrator position will have a primary focus on backup administration, ensuring that we provide successful and timely backups of our environment as well as restore requests.  These duties include executing pre-defined procedures, such as monitoring and remediation of missed or failed backups, performing data restores, troubleshooting backup or restore problems, performing/implementing changes to the managed backup environments and perform media management tasks on a routine basis.

Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the operational backup and recovery process and procedures for all Windows and Linux operating systems within the infrastructure.
  • Perform regular capacity planning for the backup infrastructure.

Required Experience

  • BA/BS preferred (or equivalent experience).
  • 2-3 years of relevant experience including in managing Windows and Linux/Unix platforms in these functions: DNS/ADS, RAID, system configuration and administration, media streaming (in Flash, Windows, QT, Real).
  • Knowledge in backup technologies, processes and procedures.

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