Quantitative analyst

Position Description
This is a position for a senior level quantitative researcher. The focus is development of the infrastructure for derivative securities pricing, in the area of interest rates (including inflation), foreign exchange and commodities. The role involves addressing the theoretical aspects of derivatives pricing, programmatic implementation and documentation.

Major Responsibilities

  • Research, design, develop and improve systems used in backtesting and data analysis for automated option trading strategies.
  • Help with Exotic Derivatives pricing: familiarity with the pricing methodology for callable structures is essential.
  • Perform quantitative analyses; create and maintain models, tools, and reports.

Required Experience

  • PhD’s degree in Mathematical Finance, Financial Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics, Statistics, Finance, Physics, or related fields.
  • Fluency in at least one low level language (C,C++, C#, Java) and one higher level (Python, Lisp, Matlab, any functional) language.
  • Experience with some higher level data analysis/manipulations languages/tools (R, Pandas, Matlab toolkits). 
  • Knowledge of SQL a plus.

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